Snap Port PWC Docks

The Snap Port is the perfect solution for residential and commercial customers who want easy access to their jet skis and want to protect them. Snap Dock’s Drive on PWC port accomplishes this with several advanced features, including a split entry with dual adjustable rollers for easy docking and launching, a built-in bow stop and a two-piece design that allows for a smoother entry and exit. Customers can install our ports with other existing floating or fixed dock systems, connected to a Snap Dock system, or as a stand-alone system. 

Advantages of the Snap Dock System


Snap Dock’s floating dock system seamlessly transitions between residential, commercial, and industrial applications, including marinas, restaurants, campgrounds, resorts, and boat rental facilities. Regardless of the project, Snap Dock has you covered. 

Built to Last 

Snap Dock floats are rotationally molded from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) backed by an 8-year limited warranty. Given that Snap Dock’s first customers were industrial operators, you can rest assured that Snap Dock’s products are built to withstand the harshest conditions. 

Low Maintenance 

Snap Dock products require less maintenance than a traditional wood dock system. Due to the unique paver pattern surface that will channel water, and light gray color that hides dirt, the system will maintain its high-end appearance longer. 

Easy to Configure 

Unlike traditional systems and even other plastic floating dock products, Snap Dock’s connection system makes installation quick and straightforward. It can even be done on the water using our installation tool.