Floating Boat Houses & Ports

At Kehoe we have options between floating boat houses that are full enclosed with a roll up door, as well as floating boat ports with open sides and a roof. We’ll work with you to determine which options work best for your particular location, needs and budget. Floating boat house and ports can be built with varying freeboard to accommodate different size vessels.

How They Work

Upper structures are placed on Kehoe floating docks, with steel floatation units designed to accommodate upper roof loads. Kehoe floating structures are built with steel tube floatation, with a proven track record for years of submersion in winter ice conditions.

Floating boat houses and ports provide easy access to boats in varying water levels and are generally less costly than permanent stationary structures. A site assessment is required to determine if a floating marine structure is suitable for your location. 


Provide easy access to boats in varying water levels

Generally, less costly than permanent stationary structures

Easy to transport if you need to move or want to sell them

The Kehoe Difference

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